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Teeth Whitening in Florence, NJ

Teeth whitening is a procedure that can improve the color of your teeth. Teeth stains and discoloration are caused by various factors that include age, smoking, and certain medications. Teeth whitening in Florence, NJ, involves bleaching the teeth to eliminate stains and lighten discoloration.

Professional teeth whitening involves applying bleach to your teeth. The bleach is then activated with a curing light to help it penetrate the teeth and lighten the stains. You can also whiten your teeth at home with over-the-counter whitening products, but these products are not as effective as professional teeth whitening treatments.

Different Methods of Whitening Teeth

Toothpaste for Teeth Whitening

Most whitening toothpastes contain bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients penetrate the enamel, removing yellow and brown stains from your teeth.

Whitening toothpaste can help whiten your teeth, but the results won’t be as dramatic as from an in-office treatment. The abrasive nature of whitening toothpaste can eventually remove surface stains, but it might take months to see a difference.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office whitening can dramatically brighten your smile in the shortest amount of time. It is a safe and effective procedure performed at our dental office under the supervision of our dentist. The whitening process is fast and features a special light-activated whitening gel. This gel can whiten your smile up to eight shades in just one visit.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

While in-office teeth whitening offers the fastest results, you can also professionally whiten your teeth using at-home whitening kits from our dentist. The kit would contain whitening gel and trays that we have custom-made for your mouth.

To whiten your teeth, you simply fill the tray with the whitening gel and place it in your mouth as recommended by our dentist. By wearing the tray for a specified amount of time each day, you can visibly brighten your smile.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

  • Teeth whitening in Florence, NJ, can help remove stains caused by everyday habits such as drinking coffee, tea, or red wine. These substances have pigments that can penetrate the enamel and leave unsightly discoloration. By opting for teeth whitening, you can effectively eliminate these stains and restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.
  • In addition to removing surface stains, professional teeth whitening treatments also target deeper stains within the tooth's structure. This means that even stubborn discoloration caused by factors like aging or certain medications can be significantly lightened.
  • Another advantage of having whiter teeth is the boost it gives to your overall appearance. A brighter smile instantly makes you look more youthful and vibrant. It also creates a positive first impression on others, whether in social situations or professional settings.
  • Improving the color of your teeth through teeth whitening in Florence, NJ, often results in improved oral hygiene habits. People who invest in their smile tend to take better care of their dental health overall – brushing more frequently and maintaining regular dental check-ups.
  • A brighter smile has psychological benefits as well. Research shows that people with white smiles feel happier and more confident about themselves than those with stained or yellowed teeth.

How to Maintain the Color of Your Teeth

Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly is one of the simplest means to keep the teeth looking whiter and prevent them from staining. You should also avoid certain foods and drinks that are known to stain the teeth. Most importantly, it is best to avoid smoking or chewing tobacco, as it not only stains the teeth but can also cause cancer as well.

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