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Invisalign in Florence, NJ

Invisalign is a system of clear aligners that are used as an alternative to traditional metal braces. The aligners are removable, unlike braces, and patients can take them off before eating, brushing, flossing, etc. Invisalign aligners are custom-made to fit your mouth and teeth.

How Does Invisalign Work?

The process begins with a consultation with a dentist who will determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign in Florence, NJ. If so, the dentist will take digital impressions of your teeth using 3D scanning technology. These impressions are used to create a customized treatment plan.

Based on the treatment plan, a series of custom-made aligners will be created specifically for you. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks before being replaced by the next set in the series. The aligners gently exert pressure on your teeth, gradually moving them into their desired positions.

You can easily take out the aligners when eating or brushing your teeth, allowing for better oral hygiene compared to traditional braces. However, it's important to wear the aligners for at least 20-22 hours per day to ensure effective results. Throughout the course of your Invisalign treatment, you will have periodic check-ups with the dentist to monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments. On average, most patients complete their treatment within 12-18 months.

Is Invisalign Right for Me?

Invisalign in Florence, NJ, is most effective for correcting minor dental issues like gaps, misalignment, and overcrowding. Invisalign is also effective for easing the symptoms of TMJ disorders. However, it is not recommended for severe problems such as misalignment or crowding that are caused by jaw misalignment. In those cases, traditional braces are the best option.

Patients interested in undergoing treatment with Invisalign should have healthy gums and teeth. The best way to find out if Invisalign is right for you is to schedule a consultation with our dentist. During your consultation, we will perform a thorough oral examination to evaluate your individual needs and recommend the most effective treatment.

Invisalign Benefits

The benefits of Invisalign in Florence, NJ, include:

  • Discreet treatment: Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible and fit snugly over teeth, so they're much less noticeable than traditional metal braces.
  • Comfort: Invisalign aligners are smooth, so they won't irritate the mouth like metal braces.
  • Improved oral hygiene: Since Invisalign aligners can be removed for eating and oral hygiene, there are no food restrictions, and you can maintain your regular oral hygiene routine.
  • Convenience: Invisalign treatment doesn't require frequent visits, so you'll have fewer interruptions to your schedule.

How Long Does Invisalign Take to Work?

For most patients, Invisalign treatment takes anywhere from six to 18 months. The exact duration of the treatment depends on the complexity of your dental issues. Our dentist will be able to give you an estimate of how long your treatment will last before you begin.

Will I Need to Wear a Retainer After Invisalign?

Yes, you will need to wear a retainer after the Invisalign treatment. Your teeth will have shifted during treatment, and your retainer will help to keep them in place. The amount of time you will need to wear your retainer will depend on the type of retainer you wear. Fixed retainers are worn all the time, while removable retainers can be taken off when you sleep at night.

Maintenance and Care for Invisalign Aligners

  • It's important to remove your aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water. This helps prevent staining and damage to the aligner trays. Remember to brush and floss your teeth before putting the aligners back in place.
  • To clean your aligners, simply rinse them with lukewarm water after removing them from your mouth. Avoid using hot water as it can warp the plastic material. You can also use a mild toothpaste or denture cleaner specifically recommended by your orthodontist.
  • When not wearing your aligners, make sure to store them in their designated case. This protects them from bacteria buildup and prevents loss or damage. Be mindful not to leave them exposed in an open environment where they could easily be misplaced.
  • Avoid chewing gum or smoking while wearing Invisalign, as these habits can cause discoloration and affect the fit of the aligner trays.
  • Regularly visit our dentist for check-ups during our Invisalign treatment journey. We will monitor progress and provide any necessary adjustments or new sets of aligner trays.

To find out more about the dental services we offer at Florence Dental Studio, call (609) 499-3800 or schedule a consultation online. You can also visit us at 539 Marlton Pike W, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002, or 313 Broad St, Florence, NJ, 08518.

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